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Veri clita iisque id pro, quem diceret cu pro, dico cetero complectitur quo id.

We, at the glamorous Absolute Vintage team, are busy trying to bring some globally fresh & unique vintage pieces to you online. We go worldwide to get you fantastic wears from countries like Spain, USA and Japan. In the meantime if you have any retro queries please bear in mind the details below;

- If you have any ideas/projects you would like to share or collaborate with us on; give us a brief description and contact details.

- If you have any issues with the website or your order, please state the issue and send us a screenshot.

- If you have any press-related queries please be aware that we do not loan clothes.

Also if you just want to say hi go right ahead

Please fill out the box below and we'll aim to respond to your vintage needs in a jiffy.

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