Vintage Upkeep

As we are connoisseurs of vintage items we thought we would provide you with a care guide that ensures you get the most from your vintage gear.

A good marking point for washing all vintage clothes is to hand wash them or machine washes them at a low temperature (mainly recommended for vintage items made from the late 70's through to the 80's).

Dresses, Tops and Trousers
When buying dresses, trousers and tops, check all zips and buttons work, as these are the parts of an item that are more exposed to the wear and tear of everyday usage. Once you have bought the item, you can maintain your zip by oiling it and replacing any missing or broken buttons with ones found in your local haberdashery.

When washing items that are old and made from delicate materials such as linen or cotton, ensure that you wash those items by hand with a small amount of detergent. You may also choose to dry clean those items. In that case, you should ensure you use a good dry cleaner by making sure you’ve had good cleaning results from your general items or checking reviews of the dry cleaners you use.
When washing silk, sequins, satin or fur we would recommend speciality dry cleaners. Again please check the reviews or even ask someone who you know uses them.

Coats, Jackets and Fur
With all coats and jackets use a general dry cleaner and ensure all labels, if they are any, are checked beforehand. Coats & jackets with delicate parts and fur should be speciality dry cleaner.

Rips and Tears
Rips or tears in most items can be easily repaired when caught early. Items made from fur are much harder to repair and for the most part will never look the same.
With Items made from sequins or beads, the majority of the time, the missing sequins or beads can be replaced. 
As mentioned before zips and buttons are replaceable too as you can find the closest match.

Shoes and Boots
Most vintage shoes have been worn before so we heavily suggest that once purchased you re-heel all shoes and boots to ensure lasting use.
Most of our shoes and boots are leather, so with leather, you must always polish and use leather care products.

When purchasing a vintage bag make sure the zip and strap work. Not all vintage bags come with straps, like not all dresses with belts and not all shoes with heels. Like every other bag, a vintage bag must be treated with care, so if leather use leather care and make sure you do not fill the bag with more than it can handle, weight and size wise. Straps are easy and cost less to replace, zips, on the other hand, are more difficult and costly to fix.

Scarves, hat, gloves and sunglasses should be treated like you would any new item. You will need to be careful with delicately made materials on them. Ensure that your silk or satin scarves are hand washed and hats, gloves and sunglasses are cared for appropriately.
If you have any queries on vintage care please feel free to email