Student Tuesday

This Student Tuesday we have boots, boots and more boots!

We also have a load of wool coats, winter military wear, woolly hats (including an awesome striped military beanie) and woolly scarves. All of which you can get for 20% off! 

We will also throw in a tote bag and a flyer (to get 20% off your next visit), for any Student Tuesday purchase over £25* Just ask at the till!

Again this will be one of the last Student Tuesday's at no 14!*

Always remember to check out our news page for future Student Tuesdays and to use the hashtag, #studenttuesdays, and #absolutevintage

*Terms and Conditions
1. You must present a valid Student ID card, with a picture, valid dates (start and expiry) and a valid institution, when buying at the till. Discount does not include Cabinet items. 

2. Your 20% off flyer and tote bag will be given if the final purchase price is £25 or over.