Christmas - Store Details

We will still be in 14 Hanbury Street this winter but other than that nothing much will change in terms of the great stuff we have for you.

We still have fantastic wear and lots of winter items and gift for you to buy.

We are still selling our gift vouchers in store and online! The perfect Christmas gift for some special!

We still are giving away chocolate treats by the till so if you want to join in on the fun, come in on any one of the following days:


Christmas Opening Hours

Monday, December 18th - 11am-7pm

Tuesday, December 19th - 11am-7pm

Wednesday, December 20th - 11am-7pm

Thursday, December 21st - 11am-7pm

Friday, December 22nd - 11am-7pm

Saturday, December 23rd - 11am-7pm

Sunday, December 24th - Christmas Eve- 11am-4pm

Monday, December 25th - Christmas Day- Closed

Tuesday, December 26th - Boxing Day - Closed

Wednesday, December 27th - 11am-7pm

Thursday, December 28th - 11am-7pm

Friday, December 29th - 11am-7pm

Saturday, December 30th - 11am-7pm

Sunday, December 31st - 11am-4pm

Monday, January 1st - Closed

Tuesday, January 2nd - Open as usual