Little Party Dress

We have such a great choice of party dresses & outfits that we are completely besotted with this selection but if you're not you can always check out our dress or check out our ladies section.

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£48.00 1980's Bat-wing Dress
£20.00 1980's Metallic Shoes
£45.00 Crinkled Prom Dress
£48.00 1980's Mini Ruffle Dress
£38.00 Black Velvet Dress
£38.00 1980's Sparkly Lace Dress
£30.00 Black Suede Heel
£35.00 1980's Studded Heels
£45.00 1950's 'Appliqué' Stiletto
£22.00 1980's Patent Leather
£18.00 1980's Gold Chain
£18.00 1980's Velvet Clutch
£18.00 1980's Heels
£25.00 1990's Party Dress
£22.00 1970's Party dress
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£55.00 1970's Tweed Coat
£28.00 1970's Tassel Loafers
£250.00 1950's Italian Leather Jacket
£48.00 Grey Leather Brogue