Glamorous Dresses

We've selected our favourite dresses to give you ladies a glamorous look, and if you go to our other page, Those Shoes, you might just find some great shoes to match :) 

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£38.00 1990's Smart Dress
£45.00 1980's Batwing Dress
£38.00 1980's Polka Dot
£45.00 1970's Smart Day Dress
£48.00 1980's African Print Dress
£35.00 1980's Mini Dress
£65.00 1980's Summer Dress
£35.00 1940's Style Day Dress
£38.00 1950's Oriental Mini Dress
£85.00 Elegant Floral Dress
£65.00 1970's Ball Gown
£135.00 1990's Diane von Furstenberg Dress
£12.00 1970's Dress
£25.00 1980's Party Dress
£45.00 1980's Prom Dress
£30.00 1980's Dress
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£55.00 1970's Flower Power Cardi
£45.00 1950's Purse
£35.00 1980's Cardigan
£55.00 Black Leather Boots