Open Mic Day Feature - V Loud

We are V LOUD, a duo who love all types of music especially rock and pop. We have been together for 8 years,  combining our vocals and instruments to create great music! We have a lot of fun with what we do, playing at gigs, weddings and every kind of events. We mostly play acoustic cover versions of popular pop and rock songs. We have 2 amazing albums with a collection of our favourite songs.

Artists Q&A:

When did you know you first wanted to become a musician? 

Our love of music!

What was your musical inspiration? 

Our inspiration for music has always been because we have passion in what we do.

What motivates you to create music?

What is the motivation...well...we always are trying to create something different...something next to our hearts, because our vision of the music always goes through the heart...because music without a heart is not a real music.

Where do I imagine myself in 5 years?

We imagine ourselves in next five years in the clubs of course. At minimum in the studio, where we will create new songs with the people who have fun with us.


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