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Christmas Gift Ideas under £20

Blogger Jennie Watkin puts together an Absolute Vintage list from our website to help you find some fab gifts ideas for under £20.

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Absolutely 90s - Thelma and Louise

Jennie Watkin talks Feminism, 90s and the two most bad-ass female characters of cinematic history, and how they are complete style icons.

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My Visit to V&A's 'You Say You Want a Revolution?' Exhibition

Flower power and clashing colours, Jennie Watkin reviews V&A exhibition and talks sixties influence on modern fashion and society.

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My March Favourites

This month, we've seen sleet, snow, hailstones and glorious sunshine so we're almost in limbo of what to wear. Here are a couple of my favourites this month that will keep me warm and dry and then ready to strip off into something a little bit more Spring like.

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SS16 Absolute Vintage Fashion

I'm so excited for sunshine and wearing pretty dresses; only a couple more weeks until lighter evenings and brighter mornings. Here I've put together some of my favourite trends this Spring/Summer on the Catwalk with some AV pieces so you can recreate the looks yourself.

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Denim Daze All Day-Everyday

Denim is everywhere; it's your comfy go-to when you're out and about and it's your dress up saviour during the winter when you can sling on your favourite black denim jeans. Here's a few of my favourite Absolute Vintage Denim specials to keep you updated on what's popular.

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