Student Tuesdays July Style

Tuesday the 15th of July will be a very special Tuesday indeed. 

Student Tuesdays

Its finally arrived! Our first ever Student Tuesday coming this Tuesday the 17th from open to close.

Hey June!

June has already arrived, which means the Festival season is upon us and everyone who’s anyone will be preparing for this amazing season.

Here at Absolute Vintage, we're obsessed with vintage! Which is why, instead of one store, we have three different stores across London.

At our flagship store, on Hanbury Street, we have great vintage items for everyone. From those who want cheap as chips bargains, to those who are seeking unique vintage gear. It's a bit of a wild one, but you are guaranteed to find one thing that you absolutely (excuse the pun) love! With shoes and bags galore, big AV is the place to be!

Then, there’s Blondie. Blondie is catered towards those who are looking for high quality at reasonable prices, offering many vintage items; including designer shoes, clothing, bags, and other treasures.

Whilst our newest shop, Absolute Vintage Boutique in Soho, is a chicer, slicker version of the big AV, with the very best of our Hanbury Street Store with a bit of Soho flair thrown in. This shop’s diverse style makes it a prize for those who want to find the best of the best, making it a one-stop-shop for fashionistas, Soho go-getters, and all you eccentrics.

AV online gives you a peek into our world, and access to the very best of vintage!

In our shop you will find rare and unique pieces to help you build your vintage look.

On our blog you will find articles on the very latest tends, and predictions about where vintage fashion is going.

With our sizing guide you can figure out whether that vintage piece will fit, all tailoring mesurements are listed on every item in our shop.

Our upkeep guide gives you advice on how to care for your vintage items after purchase, you can contact us if you have any questions.

This site was made with you in mind, if you think there is something we missed send us an email and we will get back to you.

Let the fun times begin!

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Tote Bag

Absolute Vintage Tote Bag

Just In


£35.00 1980's Woolen Jacket
£35.00 1970's Boots
£15.00 1990's Top
£18.00 1990's Top


£45.00 1980's Gucci Tie
£28.00 1960's Tootal Tie
£35.00 1980's Christian Dior Pocket Scarf
£32.00 1970's Burberrys Tie


Our Instagram gallery shows you all the latest photos straight from the store. Exhibiting the in-s and out-s of Absolute Vintage (Hanbury Street) daily life. This is a compilation of in store items, deals, staff pics, customer fun and antics all rolled into one. So 'stagram us to see all the larks and japes at  Instagram @ absolutevintagelondon